NFU farm stress train-the-trainer graduates!

NFU hosted a train-the-trainer convening prior to its Annual Convention in Savannah, Georgia. During the train-the-trainer convening, representatives from each Farmers Union state/regional division became certified to lead farm stress discussions in our respective states. Kansas Farmers Union is proud to have two of its members complete the training: Keisha McClish Couts and Sarah [...]

NFU farm stress train-the-trainer graduates!2020-03-01T15:44:56-06:00

Learn to Identify and Respond to Farm Stress

Between persistently low prices, climate change, and trade uncertainty, times have been particularly tough in farm country - and it's taking a toll on farmers' mental wellbeing. But because 60 percent of rural residents live in areas that suffer from mental health professional shortages, many don't know where to turn when they need help. That's [...]

Learn to Identify and Respond to Farm Stress2020-03-01T13:58:29-06:00