Think Outside the Box: IOWA BUS TOUR

It's a great time to explore options with agriculture! The ‘Thinking Outside the Box’ farm tour series spotlights farms doing things differently. Whether it’s reducing inputs and focusing on soil health in row crops; bringing diversification back to the farm; or exploring marketing opportunities that add value and allow the farmer to enhance market returns [...]

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High Tunnel Bus Tour

High tunnels are relatively low-cost growing structures that come in a variety of shapes and sizes, and havebecome an increasingly common sight at farms in our region. With the growing consumer demand for organic and locally-grown fruits and vegetables, the crop protection and season extension afforded by high tunnel growing systems are especially sought-after for [...]

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Beginning Farmer Bus Tour

Hop on the Bus, Get Schooled! Saturday afternoon showcases several area farms with a bus tour for beginning farmers and other interested members. The tour highlights three local farms by Madison: Our Seven Acres has a small-scale family vegetable and fruit operation incorporating hoop houses, small livestock, an a CSA. Hear from Mandy Kerns about [...]

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Best Advice: “Get started and learn your way”

By Tom Parker It’s one thing to sit inside a heated conference room for two days listening to experts, visionaries, politicians and entrepreneurs discuss new farm policies that boost entitlements and profits to big corporate farms while lessening support for family farms, the state’s tempestuous budget and how rural Kansas will bear the [...]

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Kansas Beginning Farmer Bus Tour

Hop on the Bus, Get Schooled on Local Food and Value-Added Production & Processing! Farmers of all experience levels are invited to hop on the bus and gain a better grasp of the opportunities and challenges of our local food systems. The Kansas Beginning Farmer Bus Tour follows convention and a special beginning farmer rate [...]

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Carbon, climate, crops and soil: workshop to explore the mycorrhizal connection

by Tom Parker Since the inception of the computing era, a simple acronym evolved to become an icon of visual acuity and perception: WYSIWYG. The concept works for tangible objects as well as for digital data, but not so much for agricultural purposes. What-you-see-is-what-you-get might be fine for digital publishing or Web site creation, but [...]

Carbon, climate, crops and soil: workshop to explore the mycorrhizal connection2016-11-04T21:46:22-05:00