Rosanna Bauman’s USDA-Inspected poultry processing facility serves the majority of direct-marketed poultry producers in NE Kansas and her family markets their own birds to restaurants, grocers and area co-ops. Rosanna provided insight on how to be a good partner with your processor and how to strengthen relationships with your wholesale buyers.

Stop the Meatball Slingin’: Meat Producer-Processor Relationships
Rosanna Bauman
ANCO Poultry Processing
February 2015
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Rosanna Bauman and family operates Cedar Valley Farms / AMCO, a USDA inspected processing facility that processes most of the direct marketed poultry in eastern Kansas and western Missouri. Her presentation will illustrate the varying quality of carcasses that come through her facility, helping producer to make better management decisions. Rosanna runs the only on-farm USDA-Inspected poultry processing facility in Kansas. She and her family have raised their own poultry since 2001 and now market their birds exclusively to restaurants, grocers and area co-ops.

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