Kansas Farmers Union chartered its first multi-county chapter in more than a decade this fall.

Awareness of KFU in this region of the state has grown as we have helped organize and host multiple events, from a series of farm tours and workshops targeted to military veterans to a statewide symposium on regional food systems.

Last summer, through the Farmers First Mondays events, we brought together longtime KFU members with those that were interested in learning more about how developing a chapter will amplify their voices in the policy arena and expanding multi-county farmer networking.

And on November 11, members voted to establish a chapter and elect officers. Chapter officers are: Jill Elmers (Lawrence), president; Paul Conway (Leavenworth), vice president; and Tom Buller (Lawrence), secretary/treasurer.

Current members represent the full spectrum of Kansas agriculture, but has particular depth in specialty crops, direct to consumer marketing, and wholesale cooperative markets.

For information on upcoming chapter activities, contact: Jill or Mercedes.

Want to explore revitalizing or establishing a Kansas Farmers Union chapter in your county? Please reach out to KFU membership specialist Mary Howell.

Above Left: National Farmers Union Historian Tom Giessel, Larned, shared information on the chartering process through the years.

Above Right: Kansas Farmers Union President Donn Teske, Wheaton, discussed his enthusiasm for the development of the new chapter and the fresh perspectives and energy its members will bring to the state organization.

NE Kansas Chapter Launches