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Cover of the Kontact Winter 2020 Beehives by Tom Parker

This issue’s cover features a row of beehives at Oregon Trail Farm. Tom Parker captured the photo in rural Leavenworth during the Summer Fun Farm Tour Series. KFU member Ken DeVan added beekeeping to his efforts at Oregon Trail Farm to help boost the pollination of the berries available for U-Pick. He paints the hives to help the wooden boxes stand up to the elements. Ken also numbers the hives to better track production of the thirteen hives he currently manages. An area surrounding his pond is filled with flowering plants bees use as an additional food source.

Photo credit: Tom Parker

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February 2020

Welp, I’ve re-written this President’s Report three times already trying to share with you what is in my mind and my soul. Let’s try this one… I have filed as a candidate for the position of president for the National Farmers Union. This sounds simple, but it isn’t. I waffled a long time over the decision to file. There is comfort in stability and continuity and the position of [...]


JOIN US IN WELCOMING THE NEWEST MEMBERS OF OUR GROWING FARMERS UNION FAMILY! John & Marcia Ashmore of Syracuse Roy & Rhonda Atwood of Ebson Scott Barth of Oskaloosa Galen Bauman of Sabetha Brent Beck of Mankato Delvin & Elaine Berger of Barnes Gary & Linda Blanton of Troy Joseph & Susan Blevins of Highland Mike & Pam Blochlinger of Concordia Neil Bouray of Webber [...]


The session is off and running fairly quickly this year. The major tax and spend issues are still fairly muffled at this point, but expect that to crescendo up throughout the session. The state started this session with a few million extra dollars in the coffers that were not anticipated and folks are eager to get at that money – from both sides of the ledger and the aisle. [...]

KFU Policy Advocates 2020: Apply Today

Would you like to be better heard in Topeka or Washington, D.C.? Do you feel as though your voice isn’t heard in Topeka or Washington, D.C.? Maybe you’ve considered visiting with your reps in the past, but felt unsure how to present your perspective clearly and effectively? Kansas Farmers Union’s Policy Advocates Program provides the skills and experiences to help you become a confident voice for Kansas agriculture. [...]

INSIDE VIEW: KFU representative travels to D.C. to serve on the ‘20 NFU Policy Committee

by Olivia Taylor-Puckett I will have been involved with Kansas Farmers Union for five years this coming summer, and if that time has taught me anything it’s that Farmers Union is an incredible organization. I have been lucky to attend numerous events, several state conventions, three Fly-Ins, a women’s conference, and the national convention. Now, I am honored to be Kansas’s representative on the 2020 National Farmers Union Policy [...]