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Summer 2018 Kontact Cover featuring Canadian farmer Rod Flaman.

This issue’s cover features Canadian farmer Rod Flaman. Flaman has raised commercial hemp on and off since it was legalized in 1998. He’s had as many as a 1000 acres; this year he has 500. In a series of meeting across the state next month, Rod will share how the Canadian hemp market has evolved and how he grows and markets his crop. Rod recently diversified his sales by direct marketing his hemp seeds at farmers markets.
“We’ve forgotten everything about hemp, the fibre, the pharmaceuticals, the food. So you’ve got to build this entire industry from square one and it’s a slow process re-inventing an industry that has been non-existent for 80 years,” Flaman said.

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THE INDUSTRIAL HEMP MEETINGS SCHEDULED FOR OCTOBER 17-19 HAVE BEEN TEMPORARILY POSTPONED DUE TO WEATHER DELAYS WITH FLAMAN'S HARVEST SCHEDULE. Get updates on the Events page. HEMP I have a long-time farmer friend, Rod Flaman, from Regina Saskatchewan who farms a bunch of acres up there in Canada. One of his crops is Hemp. He’s had as many as a thousand acres, this year he has 500. With the Hemp [...]

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