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President’s Report: February 2014

Hi, I have filed for the National Farmers Union position of Vice President being vacated by Claudia Svarstad after serving so well for these past years. The election will be this coming March in Santa Fe at our National Farmers Union convention and elected on by the FU voting delegates of the nation. There are two positions voted on by NFU delegates, President and Vice President, and are two-year terms. The other positions are elected by the NFU board of directors. As you may, or may not, know I have [...]

Kansas Corporate Farming Update

During last year’s legislative session, identical bills were introduced that would have made significant changes to the Agricultural Corporations Act. Hearings were held on HB2404 in the House Committee on Agriculture and Natural Resources and on SB191 in the Senate Committee on Natural Resources, but neither bill made it out of committee. In May 2013, the chairpersons of the committee – Rep. Sharon Schwartz and Senator Larry Powell – requested the Kansas Judicial Council review the statutes to determine if there are potential constitutional issues with the laws as currently [...]

Spicing Up Family Agriculture: Santa Fe site of March’s 2014 NFU Convention

The 112th National Farmers Union convention will be held March 8-11 in Santa Fe, NM. Kansas Farmers Union members are encouraged to attend, as it will be a wonderful opportunity to meet and reconnect with National Farmers Union members from across the nation, observe the organization’s grassroots policy formation, and enjoy historic Santa Fe. KFU members, convention delegates, and staff plan on leaving Friday, March 7 from numerous Amtrak stations in Kansas to travel to Santa Fe. Please go to www.amtrak.com to find your closest departure site in Kansas. It [...]

Reaction from the Farm Crisis documentary screening at the 2013 convention

Below is part of an e-mail I shared with NFU president Roger Johnson about his participation at the KFU state convention and the Farm Crisis documentary. I felt this is something you-all should see, all too many of us remember those days…The young man who posted the Facebook piece is Matt Ubel from Wheaton, Ks. –Donn And I appreciate your attendance at our state convention. I know it’s part of your job, but the Farm Crisis documentary wasn’t. I watched us all on the stage as we expressed our thoughts [...]

KFU office building sale completed as decades of history moved to new offices

The sale of the Kansas Farmers Union building in McPherson went forward as planned, finalizing on Dec. 31st. Todd Whitehill took possession of the property at that time. Todd tore into the building even before the closing, remodeling the parts of the building we would be moving into, which wouldn’t be having major structural changes (I kind of balked at tearing out walls until the deal was done). This way our new digs were painted and fixed up before we needed to move in. Todd’s really done a nice job [...]

Assume the worst when it comes to climate change and population, King tells KFU audience

By Tom Parker MCPHERSON, KS - History has a way of repeating itself, which means that if military historians and strategists peer back far enough, certain precedents can be found to illustrate patterns and models useful for the prediction of the near-term future. Unfortunately, Dr. W. Chris King told members of the Kansas Farmers Union during their annual convention in Topeka on Jan. 4, there is no historical precedence for what the nation, and the world, faces in the future from the combined forces of climate change, overpopulation and resource [...]

Understanding the future of agriculture may be found in our history, Mitchell tells KFU members

By Tom Parker MCPHERSON, KS- The early 1970s were good times for American agriculture, with expanded exports to the Soviet Union creating higher profits for producers, stimulating rural economies and revitalizing farm implement manufacturing. News from the agricultural sector was generally upbeat. Then, on June 30, 1975, Time magazine ran an expose piece entitled “Dirty Grain,” and suddenly Americans-and the rest of the world-discovered that the U.S. was not a reliable supplier of grain. By the end of that year 256 criminal indictments were handed down for corruption in a [...]

Climate change, the 1980s farm crisis, and the future of family farming discussed at the Kansas Farmers Union convention

MCPHERSON, KS- “Celebrating the International Year of Family Farming” was the theme of the annual Kansas Farmers Union convention, held Jan. 3-5 at the Ramada Topeka Downtown Hotel and Convention Center. Farmers and ranchers from across the state convened to discuss policy, climate change, the farm crisis of the 1980s and how its memory still shadows modern farming, the farm bill, and other subjects. A diverse group of guest speakers offered a broad array of topics applicable to today’s farmer. “There was a nice mix of topics that set the [...]