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2014 Annual Winter Grazing Conference – “Grazing and Soil Health”

SALINA, KS – This year marks the 15th anniversary of the Kansas Graziers Association (KGA) along with the 2014 Annual Winter Grazing Conference. “Grazing and Soil Health” is the focus of this year’s winter conference, including a component on “The Value of Cover Crops.” This workshop, part of the Amazing Grazing Series of Educational Events, will be offered January 25, 2014 at Ramada Hotel & Conference Center, 1616 W. Crawford St. in Salina, KS. Presentations during the conference will focus on grazing thoughts during the uncertainty of drought, soil health [...]

Help NFU Support COOL Defense Fund

National Farmers Union has spent years championing the right of America’s farmers and ranchers to market their products as domestically produced, and the right of America’s consumers to know they are purchasing homegrown food. This right is currently under attack by a very well-funded, organized and determined opposition that wants to eliminate mandatory Country-of-Origin Labeling (COOL). Your help is urgently needed to continue the battle to protect the interests of our family farmer and rancher members. NFU, along with other organizational partners, has intervened on behalf of the U.S. Department [...]

President’s Report: December 2013

Well, no farm bill so far, surprise, surprise! Going to be 2014 before they finish it, if they finish it. If the conferees finish the farm bill I have a serious concern that the urban legislative vote will not vote for a farm bill that significantly cuts the nutrition program and I haven’t heard at this time what agreement the conferees have come to on this subject. We are really at risk in agriculture because I don’t know if the votes are there to pass a farm bill with cuts [...]

Farm Bill, COOL Negotiations Continue

As the Farm Bill conference committee works to reach a compromise, there are a few issues that have yet to be resolved, and COOL (Country-Of-Origin Labeling) is among them. New COOL labeling rules went into effect on November 23rd, so now the labels must list the production steps born, raised, and slaughtered. USDA and the U.S. Trade Representative’s office wrote the new rules to be WTO compliant. In the House version of the Farm Bill, an amendment was included to require a study of COOL’s WTO compliance. NFU Governmental Relations [...]

KFU Staffer brings knowledge from abroad back home to rural Kansas

by Amy Hadacheck, “The Fence Post” Reprinted with permission After attending a whirlwind three-week international rural leadership conference in Germany this summer, Nick Levendofsky of Republic, Kan., has returned to the U.S., passionately determined to incorporate the many economic development tools he learned and meld them into developments for rural growth back home. Admittedly on sensory overload after joining rural leaders from 34 countries on his first-ever international visit, Levendofsky amassed a 40-minute power point presentation from the 26th International Leadership Workshop for Rural Youth, which is held every other [...]

Delegates Approve Sale of Building at October’s Special Convention

In the last Kontact the KFU board of directors called for a special convention of the Kansas Farmers Union to be held on October 29th, 2013. This special convention was called for the sole purpose of the voting delegates deciding on whether or not to sell the KFU building. An offer to purchase the building was previously presented to the KFU board by long-time tenant Todd Whitehill, the McPherson County FU insurance agent thus spurring the decision by the KFU board to call for the Special Convention. The convention was [...]

The Farm Crisis documentary to be screened in Topeka January 4th

TOPEKA, KS.- The public is invited to a screening of the documentary The Farm Crisis at 6:00 P.M. Saturday, January 4, 2014 in the Grand Ballroom of the Topeka Ramada, 420 SE 6th Ave. Narrated by NBC News reporter Harry Smith, The Farm Crisis examines the tragic circumstances faced by farmers for most of the 1980s, when thousands were forced into bankruptcy, land values dropped by one-third nationally, and sky-high interest rates turned successes into failures seemingly overnight. “For those of us who farmed through that time, it is never [...]

Kansas Farmers Union convention to kick off International Year of Family Farming

TOPEKA, KS.- Kansas Farmers Union, the state’s oldest active general farm organization, will hold its annual convention at the Ramada Hotel, downtown Topeka, Jan. 3-4, 2014. “This is going to be a great convention,” KFU President Donn Teske said. “It will be, above all, fun, interesting, and educational.” During the two-day convention, an array of speakers will discuss everything from rural healthcare, the 2013 Farm Bill, local food, global agriculture, climate change, and many other issues facing rural Kansas. The public is invited to attend. During the Friday noon luncheon, [...]