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Farmers Union policy is written and approved by our members. The issues that are important to YOU can be debated and become part of state and national policy.

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KFU’s board is composed of eight members. The state’s North & South Districts are each represented by three members. The President and Vice President are elected annually.

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We respond to member needs and partner with funders to provide a variety of educational opportunities at the local, state and national levels.

About Kansas Farmers Union

For more than 100 years Farmers Union has been the grassroots organization of of America’s family farms and ranches. During its storied history, Farmers Union emerged as an influential organization that helped shape national policy, organized cooperative businesses that thrive today, delivered educational programs designed to build rural leaders, and provided farmers and ranchers with opportunities to be at the table. Today, Farmers Union continues to be the nation’s premier farm organization dedicated to family farm agriculture, cooperative businesses, and rural communities.

Kansas Farmers Union fights for family farmers. During the 2012 Kansas legislative session, Kansas Farmers Union was the only main farm organization opposing the legislative sweep welcoming corporate agriculture into Kansas. KFU made a difference in maintaining at least some counties rights in the process. With such a large amount of money being spent by lobbyists influencing agricultural legislation, with an agenda that is not in our best interest, the need for a strong voice for family farmers, ranchers, and rural communities has never been more apparent.

Farmers Union is the organization working for rural Kansas. We will continue to fight for fair trade policies, affordable health care, improvement of rural roads, adequate funding for education, and the many other issues facing rural communities. The continued support of our membership is crucial for our organization to effectively represent the concerns of family farmers, ranchers, and rural communities.

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Farming in Kansas: A Changing Landscape

Agriculture in Kansas has undergone significant changes over the past thirty years . . .

Farms in Kansas

The number of farms declined 15.7% since 1982.
Number of Farms in 1982
Number of Farms in 2012

Farms: 180-499 acres

The number of farms in this size range declined 32.7% since 1982.
Number of Farms in 1982
Number of Farms in 2012

Farms: 2,000+ acres

The number of farms in this size range increased 38.3% since 1982.
Number of Farms in 1982
Number of Farms in 2012

KFU doesn’t believe the decrease of mid-sized family farms is a healthy trend for Kansas agriculture.

We’re not convinced that it’s inevitable; political forces and agri-business have driven this trend.

True representation of family farms can help them thrive and turn the trend around.

Interested in one of our projects?

Beginning Farmers Coalition

The Kansas Beginning Farmers Coalition supports new farmers––of any age, in realizing their farm dreams.

Amazing Grazing Program

As Amazing Grazing enters its second year of funding, we have expanded to include sheep and goat producers.

Annual NFU Fly-In

NFU organizes legislative fly-ins when vital issues come before Congress for a vote. These visits provide an excellent opportunity for producers to tell lawmakers firsthand how current government policy impacts them and others in their area.