Mark RudeMark Rude is Executive Director, Southwest Kansas Groundwater Management District No. 3.  He grew up in Wichita spending weekends on the family farm near Rose Hill.  Mark holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Geology from Wichita State University and is a licensed geologist in the State of Kansas.  He has worked water rights and water supply issues in Kansas for 27 years.  Mark went to work in 1987 as an environmental scientist with the Kansas Division of Water Resources, and was appointed state Water Commissioner for southwest Kansas from 1992 thru 2005. During that time of water right supervision, he served 9 years as Assistant Operations Secretary for the Kansas-Colorado Ark River Compact Administration. Mark is now on his 9th year as the Executive Director of the Southwest Kansas Groundwater Management District Number 3 office in Garden City, where he works for a 15 member elected board of agribusiness and public water users to advise state and federal officials on water policy and water management programs, water conservation services, rules and regulations, LEMA’s, IGUCA’s, data collection and various studies.  He currently also serves as President of the Kansas Groundwater Management District Association, Vice President of the national Groundwater Management District Association and a board member on the National Water Resources Association. Mark serves on the local School Board of USD 457 and on the board of Finney County Drainage District No.2. Among his many water related activities, Mark now serves as Treasurer for the advisory committee of mutual irrigation ditch associations who are utilizing damage funds from past Colorado compact violations. His latest project is providing leadership in exploring a sustainable water supply solution to the unreversed consumption of the Ogallala Aquifer; The Kansas Aqueduct Project. Mark resides in Garden City with his wife Melany and their three children, Noah, Caleb and Caitlyn.

Mark Rude will be presenting the following on Friday:

9:30 a.m. Water for the Future of Kansas with Mark Rude and Chris Wilson
It is the belief of the Kansas Aqueduct Coalition that a properly developed Kansas Aqueduct Project process is a necessary element in securing economic stability and prosperity for the entire state of Kansas. According to the group, an action to reserve a 4 million acre feet amount early in that process rather than a person or Coalition filing an appropriation is an appropriate and necessary legislative action for Kansas. The revenues generated from agriculture in the western half of the state, and specifically in the areas served by the Ogallala Aquifer, are significant. A significant decline or decimation of those revenues would likely result in economic devastation for the entire state and, on a lesser level, the surrounding states. Kansas is respected as historically being progressive and forward-thinking in its use of water resources and this situation should be no different. The coalition feels the state of Kansas must act now to prepare for the future so as to avoid a water crisis that is almost certainly on the horizon.

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