The Salina workshop and Olsburg Ranch tour complete the grand finale of the Amazing Grazing Series of Educational Events. The rescheduled workshop will be offered April 12, 2014 at the Ramada Hotel & Conference Center, 1616 W. Crawford St. in Salina, KS. On May 3, two Olsburg ranches will highlight working facilities that utilize low stress methods to quietly and effectively process cattle, sheep, and goats.

People’s interaction with livestock can have either a negative or positive impact on animal health, performance, and subsequent handling ease. Cattlexpressions Low Stress Cattle Handling Workshop will explain how to reduce stress on animals and their handlers during several critical points: cow-calf, back-grounding, stocker and feedlot operations.

Dr. Lynn Locatelli of Cattlexpressions is a student of renowned animal handling expert Bud Williams. Dr Locatelli began her veterinary career in Benkelman, Nebraska after graduating from UC Davis, and has 19 years of experience in both large animal veterinary practice and consultation. She educates many by private consultation and as a national and international speaker at veterinary seminars and cattleman’s conferences. She resides in Watrous, New Mexico.

Registration begins at 8:30 with a welcome at 9:00 AM, followed by “Understanding Cattle Behavior in Order to Modify Our Behavior and Effectively Communicate with Cattle,” then “Bud Williams Low Stress Cattle Handling Concepts and Techniques for Cattle Movement.”

“Managing Cattle Movement During Grazing” takes the group into lunch, which is followed by “Cow-Calf Production Event Management and Calf-Formative Behavior,” “Weaning, Acclimation and Transition Management, “Processing and Shipping Facilities Design, Trouble Shooting and Effective Use,” and Wrap-Up, Questions, and Evaluations at 4:00 PM.

Everyone has a little different opinion about what low stress animal handling means. Plan to attend this Low Stress Cattle Handling session to learn cattle handling techniques that will improve cattle health, well being, performance, handler safety, and profitability in your operation. Registration for the day is $25.00 and can be done by going to, or by downloading a registration form and mailing it to the address given. For questions, or for folks with no email to register, please call Mary Howell at 785-562-8726.

Two Olsburg ranches will highlight working facilities, on May 3, that utilize low stress methods to quietly and effectively process cattle, sheep, and goats. The tour highlighting low stress handling will begin with registration at 9:30 A.M. at the Edwards Ranch, 15225 Dry Creek Road, Olsburg. The working facility designed by Bill, that he can operate alone, will be
demonstrated starting at 10:00.

A catered, noon picnic lunch will be served at the Joseph Hubbard Barn, 5025 Highway 16, Olsburg. Joseph raises sheep and goats and has designed and will demonstrate the facility using Bud Williams philosophies for low stress, small animal handling.

Alan Hubbard is one of the first ranchers in Northeast Kansas to adopt Rotational Grazing (MiG, Management-intensive Grazing). Alan will present his lessons learned with cattle handling and grazing management. The tour will then resume to the low stress facilities designed to work in sync with livestock psychology and behavior to minimize stress and improve safety to both the animals and the rancher. The tour should conclude by 4:00 p.m.

Information is located at Registration is $15.00, which includes lunch. Please register online or download a mail-in registration form. For questions, or for folks with no email to register, call Mary Howell at 785-562-8726.