A forum to explore interest in forming a Kansas chapter of the National Farmer Veteran Coalition was hosted by the Kansas Farmers Union, the Kansas Farm Bureau, and the Farm Credit Associations of Kansas on February 10 in Manhattan. More fifty veterans and representatives of the non profit, university, local government and economic development community, as well as federal and state agencies participated in the forum.

Attendees were provided details on the requirements of developing a state chapter by the FVC’s Jason Foscolo.

PowerPoint presentation on establishing a State Chapter of the Farmer Veteran Coalition.

Participants enthusiastically agreed that much benefit could be realized with improved collaboration amongst active duty and retired military, farm organizations, state agencies and educational institutions. It was determined that follow-up meeting would be held in March and a working group would be established to lay the groundwork for a state chapter application.

To participate in the first Local Working Group meeting, click here.
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