2014 SOoB: Kansas Corporate Farming Law

We, the delegate body of the Kansas Farmers Union convention, strongly believe the county option should be preserved in Kansas’ corporate farming laws. For over 80 years, corporate farming laws have protected family farms and ranches from the threats of unfair competition by corporate and foreign interests, and all-out repeal threatens the future of family [...]

2014 SOoB: Kansas Corporate Farming Law2016-11-04T21:46:48-05:00

2014 SOoB: Farm Bill

We, the delegate body of the Kansas Farmers Union Convention, believe passage of a sound and meaningful farm bill is the most pressing issue before the United States Congress. Food security for all consumers is the most basic of freedoms. We also believe maintaining an economic and community structure that encourages production of a safe [...]

2014 SOoB: Farm Bill2016-11-04T21:46:48-05:00

2014 SOoB: United States Postal Service

The Kansas Farmers Union has a long history in support of the United States Postal Service (U.S.P.S.), Including rural free delivery of mail.  We are deeply concerned with the systematic dismantling of the postal service structure, based on fiscal pressure unduly inflicted upon the U.S.P.S. By Congress.  We believe the 2006 Postal Accountability and Enhancement [...]

2014 SOoB: United States Postal Service2016-11-04T21:46:48-05:00

2014 SOoB: Anticipated Effects of a Short-term Farm Bill Extension

If Congress passes a short-term (one year or less) extension of the farm bill, there will be many unpleasant outcomes, as it will undermine the integrity of the next five-year farm bill. Any extension of the bill will almost certainly include some cuts in order to placate ideological extremists in the House. Reductions in the [...]

2014 SOoB: Anticipated Effects of a Short-term Farm Bill Extension2014-08-05T05:44:19-05:00

2014 SOoB: Hydraulic Fracturing Operations

We support a moratorium on hydraulic fracturing operations in oil and gas recovery until an environmental impact study, guided by sound science, proves the activities safe.

2014 SOoB: Hydraulic Fracturing Operations2014-08-05T05:44:37-05:00

2014 SOoB: Farmers Union Educational Center

Kansas Farmers Union supports the National Farmers Union Educational Center in Bailey, Colorado. We support all aspects of the National Farmers Union Youth and Education Program and continue full utilization of our Bailey camp facilities so that it is available for our present and future Farmers Union membership. We recognize and respect all the dedicated [...]

2014 SOoB: Farmers Union Educational Center2014-08-05T05:44:53-05:00

2014 Special Orders of Business

All special orders have to be renewed annually as long as the delegates wish them in place. Otherwise they automatically expire.

2014 Special Orders of Business2014-08-05T05:45:12-05:00

Climate Change

We support efforts to reduce emissions of heat-trapping gases and toxic pollutants. We support research for climate change adaptation.

Climate Change2014-04-21T05:46:01-05:00

Property Rights: Wildlife

We support legislation that allows farmers a voice in establishment of new game or predator species in their area. We require the Kansas Department of Wildlife, Parks and Tourism to notify the public of any previous or future releases.

Property Rights: Wildlife2016-11-04T21:46:48-05:00

Property Rights: Regional Planning

Required appointment on zoning or planning boards for farmers, assuring them representation on a par with non-agricultural interests in the region.

Property Rights: Regional Planning2014-04-21T05:44:54-05:00