We support a state-wide property tax in conjunction with an income booster tax, to supplement education funding, and provide local property tax relief.
We oppose an increase of state sales tax.
We recommend a graduated state income tax.
We support the reinstatement of a fair and progressive state income tax.
We oppose the elimination of the corporate income tax.
We support exempting road tax on farm fuel at the point of sale in lieu of refund. We are in favor of the current homestead property tax exemption and we support its increase to $25,000.
The Kansas Farmers Union supports the continuation of a mineral production tax on oil, gas, salt and coal to provide additional funding needed for school financing and road and highway construction and maintenance. We support a property tax on the trans-Canada keystone pipelines.
We support a fair and reasonable tax on personal property.
We support a state-wide intangible earnings tax to be used for property tax relief and funding education.
We urge the reinstatement of the double exemption for individuals over 65.
We support an estate tax with a five million dollar exemption.