Starting with the Events page is the best way to get the specifics on any of our workshops, tours or conferences. You’ll find a listing of all open events by clicking on Events in the main menu bar at the top of the site or click here.
Once you find the event you wish to attend, click on it.
Towards the bottom of the event page, you’ll see the available tickets for the event.
Tip: Some events will only have one ticket type, but others–especially multi-day events–may have several options.
Using the + and buttons, adjust the number of tickets in each option. The default number is zero.
Once you’ve set the number of tickets, click the blue ADD TO CART button.
Clicking the ADD TO CART button, will take you to the Shopping Cart.
Once there, you can complete your order or you can add tickets for additional events.
To add tickets for another event, click on Events or Shop in the main menu bar at the top of the site and repeat the steps above.
To complete your order, return to the Cart and click on the blue PROCEED TO CHECKOUT button at the bottom right of the Cart.
Tip: KFU Members are eligible for a 10% discount on KFU and Amazing Grazing events. To activate this discount, enter can your code on either the Cart page or the Checkout page.
IF you’ve lost your code, contact Mercedes.

Navigating Events and the Shop using the Main Menu illustrated.