Agricultural cooperatives should be further strengthened in the American farming system to enable farmers to achieve greater bargaining power both in marketing and purchasing.
Farmers Union opposes any attempt to interfere with the present capital structure of the cooperative and its present tax status. We are opposed to any co-op manager or non-members serving on the board of directors of our local or regional co-ops.
We support current legislation that requires 10 members to form a co-op.
We oppose the distribution of severance pay to board members, CEO’s and other executives due to mergers or acquisitions.
We oppose changing regulations that require a 2/3 vote of members to change the articles of incorporation.
We oppose planned entry into livestock breeding and feeding facilities which will place our cooperative into a vertical integration position.
We must not use our cooperatives’ resources in any way which creates direct competition or weaken our memberships financial well-being.
We support the Rochdale Principle (one member/one vote).
We strongly oppose any cooperative entity from creating an alliance with any companies who have the intent on market control.