We support conservation as the major effort to reduce energy requirements. We support the research and development of renewable energy resources such as solar, geothermal, wind, hydrogen, ethanol, biodiesel and algae with emphasis on community-owned generated power.
Federal and state low-interest loans and tax credits should be made available for these and other programs to develop energy self-sufficiency.
We urge producers to adopt farming practices and crop mixes that will permit efficient utilization of locally produced fuels and nitrogen fertilizers, thereby reducing agricultural dependence on the petroleum industry.
We favor rationing of fuel if needed. We are opposed to excessive taxes and/or price increases to control fuel use.
We favor the abolition of take or pay contracts. We oppose the deregulation of natural gas prices.
We support a resilient expanded electrical grid system that allows for dependable transmission nationwide.
We support a 15% renewable energy mandate for electrical generation.
We support securing 25% of the nation’s energy utilization from renewable sources by 2025 (25×25).
We are opposed to retail wheeling and deregulation of energy.
We support C-BED (community based energy development).
We support net metering of electricity, with a 12-month averaging period.
We support storage of energy from renewable generation.
We support the Renewable Portfolio Standard established by the Kansas Renewable Standards Act.
We support renewal of the national Renewable Energy Production Tax Credit.