We support a federal premium subsidy of at least 50% for all levels of coverage. Yields should be based on APH (actual production history) over a 5 year period. FSA yields should be updated to reflect the true county averages. We urge a minimum level of multi-peril crop insurance (50%) be provided as a benefit of farm program participation to traditional family farm size units.
We support subsidy limits on crop insurance premiums, coupled with conservation compliance.
We support limiting crop insurance premium subsidies for any single business entity or individual to $75,000.
We support continuation of disaster programs until such time as crop insurance is fully a functional alternative.
Whenever a natural disaster strikes destroying any programmed crops, affected producers should receive an IDP payment based on the county average yield.
We oppose the Risk Management Agency allowing premium discounts promoting the use of specific crop inputs and or farm equipment.
We support full disclosure of crop insurance subsidy payments received by participants in the crop insurance program.
Crop insurance coverage regions should reflect feasibility of crop production in the region.
CRP ground should be ineligible for receiving crop insurance until five years of crop production history has been established subject to approval by the NRCS county committee.