Look & Learn Pasture Walk: North Central Kansas

Calvin Adams’ Ranch, 283 360th Rd., Beloit. From Barnard, drive 1.8 miles east on Highway 284, turn left onto N. 270th (road name will change at county line to 360th), drive 1.7 miles north to Calvin's place. Note: Highway 18 west of I-35 is closed because of a bridge out. Pasture walks help producers take stock of ecosystems By Tom Parker [...]

Carbon, Climate, Crops and Soil: The Mycorrhizal Connection

Workshop & Land Institute Tour: August 21 from 9:00 A.M. - 5:00 p.m. Cover Crop Bus Tour: August 22 from 8:00 A.M. - 8:00 p.m. Ambassador Hotel in Salina KS Both days: $125 | $100 before 8.14.2015 Single day: $85 | $75 before 8.14.2015 Mycorrhizal Connection Workshop & Land Institute Tour Reestablishing a mycorrhizal fungal [...]

$75 – $125

2015 Fuller Field School featuring Dr. Christine Jones and Gabe Brown

Gail Fuller's commitment to no-till conservation methods with diverse, rotational cover crops save him water, energy, and improve profit, while also having a positive impact on the environment. Add intensive rotational grazing - or mob grazing - to the mix, along with a focus on beneficial insects, use of solar water pumps and fencing, and [...]

Livestock Water Development and Electric Fencing

Mark Green, NRCS specialist from Missouri, will return to Kansas to offer his popular workshop on electric fencing and livestock watering options for all species of livestock this fall. Water availability is the number one limiting factor for grazing possibilities. The addition of electric fencing will increase grazing options that can in-turn benefit range health, [...]


Economics of the Livestock Industry: Reading the crystal ball of the beef industry future

Workshop to focus on making livestock operations profitable as well as productive. Single Day: $100 Both Days: $175 Second person: $125 Farming and ranching can only be sustainable if it is profitable. Too many operations have been focused on production, not profit, for far too long. Less than 5% of the variation in profitability among [...]

$100 – $175

Getting Started with Grazing

$60 | after 9.14 $75 If you're ready to change your operation from letting cows manage your business to you being in charge, this Beginner's Grazing School is just for you. All the basic concepts of Management-intensive Grazing will be covered here. Understanding how to model your livestock farm or ranch on natural principles will [...]


3-Day Grazing School with Jim Gerrish

$250 | after 9.14 $300  Second person: $175 | after 9.14 $225 Whether you're a beginning, intermediate, or advanced grazier, this 3-day workshop will help you move forward to the next level. Key concepts of stocking rate, stock density, residual, intake, and balancing use and recovery will all be covered in detail along with more advanced [...]

$175 – $250

Eastern Kansas Cool Season Grazing Wisdom

Extend Your Grazing with Cool Season Grass Eastern Kansas farmers should rethink tall fescue for grazing, agronomist says Tall fescue has a bad rap. It has, shall we say, a checkered reputation. And for good reason, too. The cool-season forage could be a livestock producer’s best friend or it could be a killer—literally—depending on circumstances. [...]


2016 KGA Winter Conference: Grass, Soil & Hope

Author and Quivira Coalition co-founder Courtney White to bring a 'different perspective' to Kansas. Ranchers Gail Fuller and Dale Strickler also to present. by Tom Parker At first glance, Courtney White might not seem like the ideal candidate to address the Kansas Graziers Association during their annual winter conference in January. He grew up in [...]

$15.00 – $50.00

How to Handle Cattle… Without Getting Handled

Pre-conference workshop of Women Managing the Farm Open to women and men...experienced and novice livestock owners. With the right tips, tools and technologies, farmers and ranchers no longer have to rely on physical strength for effective and safe livestock handling. From working chutes to calving, from the routine chores of tagging to weighing, learn tips [...]