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Continuing our Thursdays with the Kansas Farmers Union Family series on March 11th at 7:00 p.m. is a session featuring the Bartels of Hillsboro titled Our lives in Alaska and how climate change is changing their Arctic world. Herb and Pat Bartel join us via Zoom for this 60-minute interactive session.

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Our lives in Alaska and how climate change is changing their Arctic world

Herb and Pat share a fascinating PowerPoint presentation of their nine years working with the native villages on the North Slope of Alaska. They share on-the-ground experiences the native villages struggle with to adapt to a modern world – a modern world whose changing climate is threatening their very existence. A really interesting part of the presentation is a traditional native whale harvest they were able to experience.

S: Herb and Pat Bartel

Herb Bartel serves as treasurer of the Kansas Farmers Union and is currently representing Kansas Farmers Union on the National Farmers Union Climate Committee. Herb and Pat are passionate advocates for addressing climate change and their farm features both wind and solar energy which they have been gracious enough to host tours on their farm to see.

Please join in! You don’t have to leave home and the chores, the price is right, and it will be really good to network with each other.

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