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Anybody can raise livestock on pasture. However, only a few people possess the knowledge to make a profit raising livestock on pasture. No one is born with this knowledge. There are typically two ways to learn this knowledge. The first way is the old fashioned way, through trial and error. This method is usually quite expensive! It costs you in poor pasture production, poor animal performance, and occasionally the dead animal. The second way is to learn from others, either formally or informally. This is a wise, economical and profitable way!

Since the biggest variable in raising livestock on pasture is the performance of the pasture itself, the biggest determiner of whether you can make a profit is your knowledge of pasture management. Unfortunately, the typical level of pasture management leaves a lot to be desired, as the majority of pastures are very nonproductive. Even experienced ranchers who are experts in animal husbandry often fall short in their pasture management, and could benefit greatly from better understanding of how to maximize their pasture performance. Often, the easiest way to improve the profitability of a livestock operation is to improve pasture performance. The typical pasture in Kansas produces about 50 pounds of beef per acre, but there are recorded instances of ranchers producing over 2000 pounds of beef an acre. That is an astonishing forty times the average. Would you like to know their secrets?

An opportunity to learn these secrets will be available April 22nd at the Ramada Inn in Topeka KS, as Dale Strickler will be presenting a seminar entitled “Maximizing Pasture Profits”. This highly requested seminar will focus on managing to increase pasture production, improving forage nutritional value, and enhancing utilization by livestock, all while improving the land and soil. Dale has a diverse background with both formal education and practical experience in pasture management, and has had over 1000 visitors to his ranch field days over the last twelve years.

This seminar has an attendance charge of $100, roughly the cost of one ton of high quality hay. It is equally suited to the novice or experienced rancher.

There will be an early registration discounted rate of $85 if paid and mailed in by April 15, 2017. Lunch, handouts and some door prize drawings are included with registration fees.

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Pasture economics: Where does my money go, and how can I keep more of it?
Understanding the differences between warm-season grasses, cool-season grasses, legumes and forbs
What are the plants in my pasture?
Forage quality and animal nutrition
Developing a forage chain to provide grazing around the year
Determining a proper stocking rate
Grazing systems management
Maximizing native grass performance
Maximizing cool-season grass performance
Establishing the perfect pasture
Never buy nitrogen again: using perennial pasture legumes
Strategies for reducing hay costs
Beat the heat: providing late summer forage
Dealing with mud and drought
Fencing and water development on the cheap
Extending the grazing season with cover crops

Kansas Graziers Association Workshop
To register: Send names, contact information and registration fee to Mary Howell, 1723 Wildcat RD, Frankfort, KS 66427-8618. Make Checks payable to Kansas Graziers Association or KGA.
For more information call Mary 785-562-8726 or email kfu.mary@gmail.com.
For specific questions, contact Dale Strickler at 785-614-2031, or email dalestrickler613@gmail.com