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Winter Grazing Conference to Focus on The Next Generation of Ranchers and Stockmanship, February 4th.

Who is Going to Fill Their Boots – The Next Generation of Ranchers and Good Stockmanship – A Valuable Skill are the topics for the 2017 Winter Grazing Conference, Saturday, February 4, 2017 in Topeka. Kansas Graziers Association and the Kansas Grazing Land Coalition are sponsoring the Annual Winter Grazing Conference at the Topeka Ramada Convention Center, 420 SE 6th Ave, Downtown, Topeka.

Speakers for the day are Ryan Sexson, Alan Hubbard, and Dale Strickler. Topics for the conference were chosen to address the value of today’s ranchers helping educate and mentor the next generation, the value of good stockmanship at the ranch and cowherd management for the current economy.

The Winter Grazing Conference will begin at 8:30 in the Regency Conference room at the Ramada Convention Center. Speakers will begin at 9:00 a.m. and the day concludes with a panel and audience discussion by 4:00 p.m.

Registration for the day is $30.00 for adults and $15.00 for students. Lunch is included. Please make checks to KGA or Kansas Graziers Association.

RSVP’s preferred by February 1st for adequate meal planning and handouts.

Ryan Sexson and his wife Jamie lease a small ranch south of Nenzel, Nebraska.  They own a portion of the cow herd and take in cows on shares.  They custom calve heifers and cows.  Ryan worked at the Gudmendsen Sandhills Lab, the Rex Ranch and completed courses in Holistic Resource Management, Bud Williams Stockmanship Course, Ranching for Profit and others. Ryan and Jamie are using what they have learned to build a successful ranching operation. They were raised in the Sandhills and have a passion for ranching.  Both of them have been told numerous times that there is no future in ranching, however, they have found that statement anything but true.  Legacy is important to both of them, and they have concentrated on building relationships and gaining knowledge in order to develop a sustainable business.  Ryan will share his knowledge and ideas that can help others, particularly those that have a desire to start their own operation. Ryan and Jamie concentrate heavily on a “holistic” approach to everything in their lives, not just ranching.  The holistic approach helps with problem solving.  Whether it is grazing, budgeting or family time, Ryan and Jamie attempt to make it all work together.

Alan Hubbard along with his wife Sharon, own and operate Shannon Creek Cattle and Quarter Horse near Olsburg, Kansas. They graze about 3000 acres of tallgrass prairie with 150 head of their own cows plus they custom graze additional cows, and raise quarter horses. They use management intensive grazing practices along with alternative watering systems throughout the ranch and emphasize “working with the resources we have.” Alan has been an “outside the box” thinker in terms of grazing systems for over 25 years, and was a recipient of a 2014 Water and Energy Progress Award from the Climate and Energy Project. Alan has attended numerous classes and workshops on managed intensive grazing, livestock management, holistic resource management, low stress livestock handling, beef cow nutrition, and water quality. Alan will share his ranch philosophies and address the value of low stress livestock handling.

Dale Strickler grew up on a diversified farm near Colony, KS. He attended Kansas State University, earning a BS in Science Education, and a BS and an MS degree in Agronomy. Dale taught agronomy at Cloud County Community College for 15 year, then entered private industry. He bought a farm in 2000, and converted it to a no-till grazing operation, currently running around 100 cows on 136 irrigated acres, nearly year-round, with very little hay fed. Dale specializes in cover crops and forages. Dale will address “keeping cows ‘fat’ on a ‘lean’ budget.”

For more information and to register contact Mary Howell at kfu.mary@gmail.com or call 785-562-8726. A block of rooms is being held for Kansas Graziers at the Ramada, 785-234-5400.

Partners include Kansas Graziers Association, Kansas Grazing Land Coalition (KGLC), Kansas Center for Sustainable Agriculture and Alternative Crops and Kansas Farmers Union.

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