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Kansas Farmers Union will host “Four Horsemen and a Sage,” a presentation and discussion by John Burchill on Thursday, December 5 at 12:30 p.m. at the DoubleTree, 200 McDonald Drive in Lawrence. Members of the community are invited to attend the free program. The program is made possible by Humanities Kansas.

There is no cost to attend the presentation and an optional lunch is available for a fee here.

In 1938, a rabbi, two priests, and a minister drove across Kansas to dispute a Senatorial candidate who bolstered anti-Semitic and Nazi sentiments. The group of religious leaders, called “The Four Horsemen of Tolerance,” traveled from town to town speaking against hate. This presentation explores the stories of Kansans who worked to stop forces of intolerance in the state.

John Burchill is an author and criminal justice historian who teaches at Kansas Wesleyan University. He is the author of Bullets, Badges, and Bridles: Horse Thieves and the Societies that Pursued Them.

“Just as Kansas lawmen would gather a posse to bring criminals to justice in the 1800s, we have several examples of leaders who gathered support and fought hate in our state in the 1900s,” said Burchill. “Much can be learned from these stories, which are just as applicable today.”

“Four Horsemen and a Sage” is part of Humanities Kansas’s Movement of Ideas Speakers Bureau, featuring presentations and workshops designed to share stories that inspire, spark conversations that inform, and generate insights that strengthen civic engagement.

For more information about “Four Horsemen and a Sage” in Lawrence contact the KFU at 785.562.8726.


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