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Join us on the Virtual Road Trip to the Kansas Farmers Union State Convention


Join us for a series of interactive, education sessions leading up to convention.

Moving state convention online has necessitated changes, including offering a typical breakout sessions as stand alone events.

This meeting will be conducted via Zoom.
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2020 MEAT CRISIS: HOW we got here & WHAT is changing

In this Thursday Session, KFU board member Rosanna Bauman guides us through an engaging and interactive exploration of the pandemic’s impacts on meat processing. 

How did America reach the point of empty meat cases?
Why are the small butchers still booked out so crazy far?

Farmers, ranchers, butchers, and even consumers will want to set aside Thursday evening on Nov 5. We’ve gathered seven amazing experts from across the nation to take us on a fast moving, fascinating exploration of meat processing history and the meat crisis impact on small producers and processors.

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Presenter: Rosanna Bauman

Rosanna Bauman is a farmer and serial ag entrepreneur from Garnett. Together with her parents and five siblings, Bauman has developed businesses that expand opportunities for local food production in eastern Kansas through USDA-inspected poultry and meat processing facilities and a non-GMO feed hub. Rosanna serves on the board of the Kansas Farmers Union and APPPA, American Pastured Poultry Producers Association.


Susan Beal, DVM and APPPA BoD President, comes from a long background of holistic veterinary practice and is dedicated to providing holistic care for animals, humans and the environment. Susan is particularly interested in whole farm/whole system pasture-based ecology and offers common sense advice and counsel, with the goal of health from the ground up – thriving individuals and ecosystems. She in involved in Holistic Management™, a whole farm/business decision-making and planning process that considers the triple bottom line of relevant economic, social and environmental considerations, simultaneously.

Dr. Liz Boyle, Professor in Meat Science in the Department of Animal Sciences and Industry at Kansas State University, received her B.S. in Wildlife Biology from the University of Minnesota, her M.S. in Food Science and Nutrition and Ph.D. in Food Science with a meats emphasis from Colorado State University followed by post-doctorate work in meat science at the University of Kentucky and the University of Minnesota. Dr. Boyle’s focus is to provide scientific and technical assistance to meat processors and trade associations and researching quality and safety of meat products. She is a Lead Instructor with the International HACCP Alliance and the Food Safety Preventive Controls Alliance. Dr. Boyle teaches HACCP workshops nationally and teaches undergraduate and graduate courses in meat processing, HACCP and Preventive Controls, and Advanced HACCP.

Dr. Mary Hendrickson, Associate Professor at University of Missouri, seeks to contribute to the robust discussion among scholars, policy-makers and citizens about the positive and negative implications of food system changes for farmers, rural communities, the overall environment, and for the health of our population.  Her scholarship focuses on the social and economic organization of different types of food systems, the social, ecological and economic impacts of that organization, and options for changing how we organize the food system. Dr. Hendrickson spent 15 years working to create local food systems in the state of Missouri through University of Missouri Extension where she gained valuable on the ground experience in transforming food systems. She worked extensively with community groups to increase the amount of fresh, flavorful and nutritious food available by providing technical assistance on marketing, business planning, feasibility studies, policy, food safety and consumer preferences to farmers and community groups.

Jonathan Kemmerer, owner Oddbird Farm, initially moved to Nashville after high school to study music. Through shifting interests in arts and language he ended up in rural France where he found a renewed appreciation for the agrarian life he had first experienced as a child visiting the family farm in North-Central Kansas. Interested in wine and viticulture, Jonathan returned to France to meet with some of his favorite producers. While there he had the opportunity to work on a small farm where he discovered the value of good soil, heritage breeds, and seed selection. Upon returning to the United States he joined the Sustainable Agriculture program at Johnson County Community College. He spent 2 years as vineyard manager at Vox Vineyards. His work included: growing, researching, and making wine from over 30 varieties of rare American Heritage grapes. Eventually, Jonathan found the perfect location in the loess hills surrounding Weston Missouri where he founded Oddbird Farm. In June 2018 he traveled to southern Tennessee to bring home the foundation stock of what is now the 2nd most diverse herd of Meishan pigs outside of China. Jonathan is one of the largest producers and leading breeders of Meishan pigs in the United States. He operates the farm with his fiancee Molly who are committed to genetic preservation and unconventional agricultural practices that promote resiliency and sustainability.

Michelle Kopriva, owner Snow Creek Ranch, lives with her husband and five children just outside Larkspur, Colorado. For three generations, the family has raised and sold Black Angus beef beginning when Michelle’s folks, Doc and Glenda, bought a few head of cattle to raise for friends and family on Doc’s ranch near Coffeyville, Kansas. Thanks to Doc’s expertise in genetics, over time the cattle became more and more pure. And more and more delicious. Today, the family works hard to bring its pasture raised, dry-aged beef direct to customers.

Kelly Nuckolls, Policy Specialist at the National Sustainable Agriculture Coalition, holds an LL.M. in Agricultural and Food Law from the University of Arkansas Law School, a J.D. from Drake University Law School, and She has a B.A. in Political Science from Fort Hays State University. She previously worked at the University of Maryland and with the University of Delaware Cooperative Extension, where she helped farmers manage legal risks and understand federal and state laws that impact their operations. She staffs the Food System Integrity Committee.

Mark Wray and his wife Lacey operate the Wray Farm in Franklin and Miami County with his parents John and Brenda. The Wrays are no-till farmers, growing corn, beans, wheat, rye, sorghum, and cover crops used for grazing. The family manages their cattle at all stages from beef cow herd to cattle on feed. Focused on diversifying the operation, the family strives to grow a winter crop that can also be grazed by their cattle as it puts pounds on the livestock while adding nutrients and organic matter to the soil.

Please join in! You don’t have to leave home and the chores, the price is right, and it will be really good to network with each other.