Support our essential family farmers and ranchers

The COVID-19 pandemic is creating extreme challenges and uncertainty for all of us. But, Kansas’ essential food producers and workers are doing their part each day by growing the good food we need for every meal and making sure that it finds its way to our tables.

Farm Aid has committed $400,000 to launch a national COVID-19 Farmer Resilience Initiative, working with more than 100 local, state and regional organizations across the country to pair immediate relief efforts with longer-term resilience strategies. Farm Aid is proud to invest in our farm and food system, from farm to plate, and take care of the farmers and ranchers who are providing essential services by feeding their communities.

“The time to build a resilient family farm food system is now!” – Willie Nelson

Farmers experience significant lag time between the moment a crisis strikes and when federal and state resources actually begin to flow to community levels. In the Midwest, the Kansas Farmers Union Foundation serves as the regional partner for Kansas and works with Farm Aid to quickly distribute emergency funds in the amount of $500 to farm families in order to provide immediate relief and foster resilience before larger sources of money become available.

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How can YOU help?  Donate to fund additional Farmer Grants

Family farmers in Kansas and Missouri can now access much-needed relief from the economic impacts of COVID-19. Farm Aid has partnered with the Kansas Farmers Union Foundation and Missouri Farmers Union to distribute emergency relief grants to help farmers meet household expenses. Families who rely on farming for their income, live in Kansas or Missouri, and are experiencing hardship as a result of the coronavirus pandemic are encouraged to complete an application.

Farm Aid COVID-19 Farmer Resilience Initiative grants are reviewed by a team of representatives from Kansas Farmers Union, Missouri Farmers Union, Kansas Black Farmers Association, Kansas Rural Center, Common Ground Producers and Growers, and Cultivate KC.

Approval is based on the applicant qualifying as a family farm and demonstrating economic loss. Priority is given to smaller farms that may not have the required data needed to apply for USDA or other federal programs.

If supporting Kansas family farmers during this difficult time is important to you, donate to the  KFUF COVID-19 Relief Fund.

Your tax deductible donation goes directly to a Kansas family farmer whose application has been reviewed a verified by our review committee composed of organizations representing diverse production and producers groups.

The grants are intended as emergency relief for farmers and their families. Use of the funds is restricted to household expenses, such as groceries, home utilities, medical bills, counseling, or other household expenses not directly related to the commercial operation of the farm or ranch.

If you are in a position to help, please donate to the  KFUF COVID-19 Relief Fund today!

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The Kansas Farmers Union Foundation was created in 1997 as a 501(c)(3) organization supporting education on rural and agricultural issues and providing resources for rural economic and cooperative development. Through the KFU Foundation, Kansas Farmers Union brings important educational and networking opportunities to all Kansans.

Examples of this programming include Amazing GrazingKansas Beginning Farmers CoalitionFood Hubs and Co-ops, College Conference on Cooperatives, Kansas Family Farms Day, and our work with Farm Aid and the Farmer Veteran Coalition of Kansas.

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