In the last Kontact the KFU board of directors called for a special convention of the Kansas Farmers Union to be held on October 29th, 2013. This special convention was called for the sole purpose of the voting delegates deciding on whether or not to sell the KFU building.

An offer to purchase the building was previously presented to the KFU board by long-time tenant Todd Whitehill, the McPherson County FU insurance agent thus spurring the decision by the KFU board to call for the Special Convention.

The convention was held and, after questions to both Todd and myself, the delegates of the Kansas Farmers Union voted overwhelmingly to sell the building to Todd.

Todd will take possession of the building at the end of the year. At that time, KFU will begin to lease our office space in the building from Todd.

I want to thank the delegates for their efforts to come to McPherson for this special convention, it cost them time and money and I really appreciate their commitment.

Seemed like most everyone was pretty OK with the day and the deal.
I know I was.