Cody and Dawnell HolmesCody Holmes left home in 1975 at age 17 with his high school 4-H project of seven cows. That project has grown into what the Rockin H Ranch is today: a 1,000-acre cow/calf operation, on-farm market, cowsmilk and goatsmilk dairy, and cheesemaking operation. Cody and his wife Dawnnell operate an agri-tourism business on top of the base business of the cow-calf operation. They invite the general public to their ranch during different seasons of the year. Along with these events, they offer their Real Farm Foods Farm Market, an on-farm store offering retail sales of beef, pork, lamb, chicken, eggs, milk and seasonal produce. Cody grew up on a small dairy farm in south-central Missouri, not far from where they are today. He has a business degree in accounting from Missouri State University and uses that background to help ensure the financial success of the ranch. Cody is an acclaimed horse trainer and has traveled the central states displaying his horsemanship methods through round pen clinics and demonstrations. Cody’s passions are his cattle and soil fertility. Cody speaks and writes widely about his grazing systems and is the author of the book Ranching Full-Time in Three Hours a Day.

Cody Holmes will be presenting on farm transitions Friday afternoon.

3:00 p.m. Farm Transition Opportunities with Cody Holmes
The Rockin H Ranch has transitioned from a typical cow/calf ranch to a diversified, mutli-species, Holistic managed, direct marketed, farm model of producing many different food products from T-bones to Lamb Chops, to goat milk ice cream, to Shitake Mushrooms and more. The farm now direct markets most of its production and and has developed new skills in marketing, sales, packaging, distribution as well as an entire gamut of improved socially responsible and regenerative farming practices that reflect the interest of an informed consumer. The model can be duplicated on different scales and sizes of operation utilizing techniques such as interns, apprentices, and the Farm Families that live and work on the 1100 acre southern Missouri ranch.
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