Low grain, volatile cattle prices impact debt, machinery sales

By Morgan Chilson
The Topeka Capital-Journal
Originally published on March 26, 2016

“(Allen Featherstone, director of the Kansas State University Department of Agricultural Economics,) said he expects to see increased numbers of farmers and ranchers take advantage of computerized financial planning, in which his department has been training county agents during the past year.

The program allows farmers to input their own data, consider options and run “what-if” scenarios that show overall operational effects of various situations.

Utilizing programs like that may take some of the gamble out of farming, although nothing will change the unpredictability of weather, Teske said.

“Everything is always record highs and lows,” he said. “North Dakota has got corn laying on the ground everywhere, they’re raising so much up there. The North Dakota Farmer’s Union told me they’re used to getting 12 inches of rain, and the last years they’ve been averaging 35. They don’t know what to do with all the water.”

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