Guide to Starting a Commercial Goat Dairy

This guide is meant to provide basic information to those interested in looking at starting a dairy goat farm as a business. Other books cover the detailed management of dairy goats while this guide seeks to touch on those topics that strongly influence management choices. One exception might be milking systems and equipment but we [...]

Guide to Starting a Commercial Goat Dairy2016-11-04T21:46:28-05:00

Managing the Barber Pole Worm

Part 2 of a six part series on Worm Control in Goats This article develops understanding of the biology of the worm, how sheep and goats become infected and using that knowledge to develop management practices to help control the worm. While this article is targeted to the Barber pole worm (Haemonchus contortus), the most [...]

Managing the Barber Pole Worm2016-11-04T21:46:28-05:00