Resources from the August 13-14 Cattle: Successful Winter & Year-Round Grazing workshop featuring Dr. Jim Gerrish, founder Missouri Missouri Grazing School

Planning for Successful Winter Grazing

Feeding hay is fairly simple, but all of the tasks that come with growing, harvesting, transportation or acquisition and feeding come with a price. To achieve year round grazing successfully the livestock demands and forage supply must be balanced. Successful planning must include stockpiled forage that can be strip grazed or allocated, an available, reliable [...]

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Integrating Crops and Livestock: A Return to the Past or Moving into the Future?

Prior to the latter part of the 20th Century, mixed crop and livestock operations were the norm in the US. As mechanization increased crop diversity decreased and fewer farmers control the land. Prior to this change, animals provided an important part into crop rotation and nutrient recycling of the ecological system cycle. Biological activity within [...]

Integrating Crops and Livestock: A Return to the Past or Moving into the Future?2016-11-04T21:46:40-05:00

How Do I Know It Will Pay?

Knowing that there is no such thing as a free lunch, ranchers continually ask “How much will this cost me? and… Is it worth it?” Putting together a figure for the cost of an improvement to the ranch is fairly simple. The more difficult thing to figure is the value of the return the improvement [...]

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Getting in Control of Cow Costs

The top five most expensive line items are addressed using 2013 figures provided by Kansas State University Farm Management Services. The most expensive cost for livestock producers is winter feed mainly hay, followed by summer pasture costs as second. In third place is the cost of replacement breeding stock and cow depreciation. Fourth is interest [...]

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Fence & Stock Water Development for Winter Grazing

This article discusses the two approaches to grazing cell design: Fixed using permanent fencing and water sources or temporary that utilizes temporary fence and moveable water tanks. In either situation attention should be given to layout, functionality and ease of use. There are many choices of fencing products and materials; attention should be paid to [...]

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