Bill Wood is a Project Developer for Cromwell Solar, located in Lawrence, with the mission of taking solar to the entire State of Kansas.  His background includes working as a County Extension Agriculture Extension Agent for 34 years in four counties, where he helped citizens identify and solve problems for their farms, homes, and communities. In the 1980s he helped organize two workshops in Wabaunsee County where people built solar food dryers and solar thermal panels for heating homes or shops. He and his wife built an energy efficient passive solar home in Alma. As the County Director in Douglas County, in 2010, he helped lead the effort to do an energy audit and several energy efficiency improvements in the Extension Office that saved $2000 in energy bills the first year after the improvements were made. With the help of a grant, a solar photovoltaic system was installed on the Extension office to save money and demonstrate solar to the citizens.

Bill Wood

Bill Wood will be presenting the following on Friday:

1:15 p.m.  Renewable Solar Energy for Home and Farm with Cherri Harper & Bill Dorsett, Flint Hill Renewable Energy and Efficiency Cooperative, Inc.; Bill Wood, Cromwell Solar

Farmers depend on solar for raising their crops, and forages for livestock. Now that the cost to install electricity producing solar systems has dropped 75% in the past 15 years, it makes economic and environmental sense for many farms, businesses and homes to use solar to produce at least part of their electricity. Learn how to tell if solar would make sense for your farm or home.

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