Bill Dorsett began installing solar thermal systems with the Carter administration and with the collapse of that era’s tax credits, switched to passive attached solar greenhouses. With the construction of Wolf Creek Nuclear Power Station, he began installing remote photovoltaic pumping and power supplies. In 2005 he installed one of the first string inverter grid-connected system in Kansas. The advent of micro-inverters opened the field to safe installation to most anyone, so with the help of Manhattan friends, Bill cofounded the Flint Hills Renewable Energy & Efficiency Cooperative (or FHREEC as it’s affectionately referred to). The model we took from the Plymouth Area Renewable Initiative (PAREI) in Plymouth, NH. We buy in quantity and in the tradition of barn-raising with neighbors helping neighbors, we’ve trained and arranged for volunteers to install 40 systems in the Manhattan area. Our goal is to provide affordable solar energy to as many households in as short a time as possible. Waiting for the market has been too slow.

Bill Dorsett

Bill Dorsett will be presenting the following on Friday:

1:15 p.m.  Renewable Solar Energy for Home and Farm with Cherri Harper & Bill Dorsett, Flint Hill Renewable Energy and Efficiency Cooperative, Inc.; Bill Wood, Cromwell Solar

Farmers depend on solar for raising their crops, and forages for livestock. Now that the cost to install electricity producing solar systems has dropped 75% in the past 15 years, it makes economic and environmental sense for many farms, businesses and homes to use solar to produce at least part of their electricity. Learn how to tell if solar would make sense for your farm or home.

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