On March 14th through 17th, for the first time since 1946, Kansas was the site of a National Farmers Union convention! And it came off smooth as silk!

2015 NFU convention logo

I am so proud of how well the convention went! The hotel was great, the city was great, the NFU members were great, and really, I think a lot of our 500 out-of-state guests were very pleasantly surprised by the culture of Wichita. I’m almost thinking they thought we were still using outhouses here in Kansas.

The speakers were top-notch. Secretary of Agriculture Vilsack gave a great message. Administrator McCarthy was the first EPA administrator that we can remember attending our national convention in recent memory. The breakouts were informational and stretched peoples parameters. The tours were well received. Policy went smoothly. It was just a great convention!

Thank you all so much for helping to make the 2015 National Farmers Union convention such a success!