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The Amazing Grazing II project brings more than twelve educational opportunities to Kansas cattle, goat and sheep producers between August 2014 and March 2015.

Topics include grazing, cover crops, pasture soil health, herd health, fencing and water development, proactive disaster planning, meat processing and marketing, as well as value-added opportunities with animal fiber & dairy.

Amazing Grazing is a collaboration of the Kansas Farmers Union and the Kansas Graziers Association with funding from the North Central Risk Management Education Center and the USDA National Institute of Food and Agriculture.

Contact Mary Howell with project or event questions.

Amazing Grazing II Events

Cattle Events

Amazing Grazing II continues to focus on cattle with seven events covering topics such as: winter & year-round grazing; water & fencing; cover crops; windbreaks for winter protection; processing & direct marketing; and soil health. See the schedule!

Goat & Sheep Events

Amazing Grazing II adds small ruminants with eleven events covering topics such as: value-added opportunities with both animal fiber and dairy; water & fencing; processing & direct marketing; and hands on herd health health. See the list!

See the complete listing of events!
  • Hands on Herd Health

Hands on Herd Health for Goats and Sheep Workshop

RSVP for this free event HERE. Dr. Brian Faris will lead the “Hands on Herd Health for Small Ruminants” workshop at the new state-of-the-art K-State Sheep and Meat Goat Center, [...]

  • Dale Strickler utilizes annual and perennial pastures to grow the forage for his grazing operation.

Oct 31 & Nov 1: Fall Forage Tour, Courtland

Cattlemen and producers are invited to the Fall Forage Tour, Friday, October 31, 2014 and Saturday, November 1, 2014. The tour will begin at 1:00 p.m. on both days at [...]

Who Are We?

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Amazing Grazing is a collaboration of the Kansas Farmers Union and the Kansas Graziers Association.

Funding for this project was provided by the North Central Risk Management Education Center and the USDA National Institute of Food and Agriculture under Award Number 2012-49200-20032.

Project partners include:

  • Kansas Grazing Lands Coalition
  • National Resources Conservation Service
  • Kansas State Research and Extension
  • Frontier Farm Credit
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Educational Resources from Amazing Grazing II Events

402, 2015

Meat Charts and Cutting Card from Melissa Wahl

Melissa Wahl provided participants at the February 4, 2015 Meat Processing and Marketing for Optimal Sales workshop a set of carcass meat cuts for beef, pork, sheep and goats. Many of today's consumer's have no idea where many of [...]

402, 2015

Stop the Meatball Slingin’: Meat Producer-Processor Relationships

Rosanna Bauman’s USDA-Inspected poultry processing facility serves the majority of direct-marketed poultry producers in NE Kansas and her family markets their own birds to restaurants, grocers and area co-ops. Rosanna provided insight on how to be a good partner [...]

402, 2015

Meat Processing Tips from Brad Dieckmann

Brad Dieckmann brings more than 25 years experience as owner of a processing facility and provided tips on improving relationships with processors by explaining the processor’s experience during the February 4, 2015 Meat Processing and Marketing for Optimal Sales [...]

1301, 2015

Guide to Starting a Commercial Goat Dairy

This guide is meant to provide basic information to those interested in looking at starting a dairy goat farm as a business. Other books cover the detailed management of dairy goats while this guide seeks to touch on those [...]

1301, 2015

Medications Commonly Used in Goats

Helpful table listing medications commonly used with goats and the required withdrawal time. Medications Commonly Used in Goats Patty B. Scharko, DVM and Terry Hutchens Clemson University Download Publication PDF 59 KB

1301, 2015

Managing the Barber Pole Worm

Part 2 of a six part series on Worm Control in Goats This article develops understanding of the biology of the worm, how sheep and goats become infected and using that knowledge to develop management practices to help control [...]

1912, 2014

VIDEO…Emergency Preparedness for Livestock Operations: Morning Panel

Dr. Charles Barden, Kansas State Forester – K-State Research & Extension; Todd Barrows, Kansas State FSA Office, Agriculture Program Specialist; and Dr. Justin Smith, DVM Kansas Department of Agriculture Division of Animal Health, take questions from the crowd during [...]

1812, 2014

VIDEO…Emergency Preparedness for Livestock Operations: Afternoon Panel

Presenter panel answers attendee questions. Panel members: Ken Powell, KDHE Bureau of Waste Management, Solid Waste Permits Section Dr. Joel DeRouchey, KSU Department of Animal Sciences and Industry, Livestock Nutrition and Environmental Management Specialist Anthony Ruiz, Central Kansas Extension [...]

1009, 2014

Electric Fencing for Serious Graziers

Electric fencing offers two major advantages over other types of fencing. One is cost. The cost to install a four-strand, barbed-wire fence is about $5,000 per mile. The cost to install a typical, single-wire, electric fence is about $1,600 [...]

1009, 2014

Watering Systems for Serious Graziers

Water is commonly the weakest link in grazing systems because it is the most overlooked and neglected nutrient on farms. Many people do good jobs ensuring that the pasture, hay and grain they feed to livestock is high quality [...]

1608, 2014

What is Management-intensive Grazing and what can it do for you?

Management-intensive Grazing is the intensifying of management of the ranch and forage resources not the grazing. Plants capture solar energy. MiG balances grazing, rest, and consumption of various plant species to harvest and turn the solar energy into a [...]

1608, 2014

Grassroots of Grazing: More Sheep Tips

When selecting the species most suited to a grazing situation, producers should answer a few questions as to how their personal goals play into a proper choice. Are they interested in bottom line profits, fun, value added products, as [...]

1608, 2014

Grassroots of Grazing: Why Mixed Species Grass Farming Pays

Many small scale family operations struggle with the decision to add an additional type of animal enterprise and if it has economic returns. This article addresses the returns of four possible animal scenarios for a 50 acre farm; 1) [...]

1608, 2014

Grassroots of Grazing: The Sheep Advantage

For a small farm, sheep have several advantages; biological, physical and economical. Sheep can provide meat, wool and dairy. The amount of forage needed to support one cow will raise eight ewes. Eight ewes are much cheaper to purchase [...]

1608, 2014

Pasture Management based on Four Ecosystem Processes

Carbon dioxide, water, soil minerals and solar energy combine to grow the plant that animals consume to produce meat, milk and fiber. The four key ecosystem processes should determine a producer’s grazing management. Ranchers should strive to build a [...]

1408, 2014

Planning for Successful Winter Grazing

Feeding hay is fairly simple, but all of the tasks that come with growing, harvesting, transportation or acquisition and feeding come with a price. To achieve year round grazing successfully the livestock demands and forage supply must be balanced. [...]

1408, 2014

How Do I Know It Will Pay?

Knowing that there is no such thing as a free lunch, ranchers continually ask “How much will this cost me? and… Is it worth it?” Putting together a figure for the cost of an improvement to the ranch is [...]

1408, 2014

Getting in Control of Cow Costs

The top five most expensive line items are addressed using 2013 figures provided by Kansas State University Farm Management Services. The most expensive cost for livestock producers is winter feed mainly hay, followed by summer pasture costs as second. [...]

1408, 2014

Fence & Stock Water Development for Winter Grazing

This article discusses the two approaches to grazing cell design: Fixed using permanent fencing and water sources or temporary that utilizes temporary fence and moveable water tanks. In either situation attention should be given to layout, functionality and ease [...]

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