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The Amazing Grazing III project brought seventeen educational opportunities to Kansas producers between May 2015 and February 2016. We turned our focus onto healthy soils and farm/ranch profitability…just in time to celebrate International Year of Soils in 2015.

Topics included agroforestry, mycorrhizal fungi, economics of the livestock industry, grazing, cover crops, pasture soil health, fencing and water development, as well as livestock handling for women. Nationally-recognized presenters included: Dr. Christine Jones, Gabe Brown, Jim Gerrish, Bill Helming, Wes Jackson, Courtney White, and Larry Simpson. Amazing regional educators – Dr. Dale Kirkham, Dale Strickler, Lucinda Stuenkel, Gary Kilgore, Keith Harmoney, Mark Green, Charles Barden, and Shibu Jose – brought a local perspective.

Amazing Grazing is a collaboration of the Kansas Farmers Union and the Kansas Graziers Association with funding from the North Central Extension Risk Management Education Center and the USDA National Institute of Food and Agriculture.
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Amazing Grazing III Events

  • 2016 KGA Presenters

Grass, Soil, and Hope: Managing carbon for a sustainable planet

By Tom Parker Courtney White and Gail Fuller were talking the same talk but they were coming at it from different backgrounds and different geographical directions, so it was understandable that there should be some minor differences of opinion. That it centered on the sequential order of three little words was all the more remarkable considering the enormous scope of [...]

  • Lucinda Stuenkel

Handling Cattle Without Getting Handled

Bad cows are bad influences, smart cows never forget and other insights into handling cattle for women By Tom Parker Cows are big and beefy and muscular and most women aren’t, so for the latter to manage the former it helps to not only understand how cows think and socialize, but also how cows remember their past, how cows perceive [...]

  • Attendees walking through field.
  • Bus Tour: Land Institute Researcher
  • Bus Tour: Soybean Field
  • Bus Tour: Cattle strip grazing

Investing in Health of Soil Vital to Future of Farming

By Olivia Taylor-Puckett Workshop & Bus Tour focus on Developing Resilient, Productive Ag Land Through Use of Cover Crops and Mycorrhizal Fungi In creating the Mycorrhizal Fungi Connections workshop and Cover Crops in Action bus tour, Kansas Farmers Union hoped to open the eyes of farmers and ranchers to many different means of investing in health of their soil. The [...]

  • Mary's Amazing Grazing Notebook

Amazing Grazing: From Mary’s Notebook

In September, Project Director Mary Howell led a six-day, Amazing Grazing road tour across Kansas stopping in Topeka, Salina and Courtland. The three events, featuring Bill Helming and Jim Gerrish, provided a wealth of information for more than 100 attendees – practical information which Mary hopes all livestock ranchers will ponder considering the predicted drop in the market.Mary’s detailed workshops [...]

  • Fuller in field

Soil: You Are What You Eat

By Mary Howell One hundred twenty-five people from seven countries and seventeen states gathered in Emporia for the two day workshop focusing on soil health. Attendees were treated to two of the leading authorities on soil health and cover crops, Dr. Christine Jones, Australian Soil Scientist, and Gabe Brown, North Dakota Farmer/Rancher. It was an amazing two days of educational [...]

  • Gary Kilgore
  • Cool Season Grazing Wisdom, November 3 in Lawrence

Eastern Kansas Grazing Wisdom: Extend Your Grazing with Cool Season Grass

Eastern Kansas farmers should rethink tall fescue for grazing, agronomist says By Tom Parker Okay, so tall fescue has a bad rap. It has, shall we say, a checkered reputation. And for good reason, too. The cool-season forage could be a livestock producer’s best friend or it could be a killer—literally—depending on circumstances. Sure, it was known to host a [...]

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The Amazing Grazing III project brought seventeen educational opportunities to Kansas producers between May 2015 and February 2016.

Over 2,000 participants to date. Let’s see what some have to say . . .

Bringing farmers and ranchers the programing they request featuring the most outstanding presenters!

I plan to share this information with my three sons who manage the farm. I learned that I need a plan, no matter what the conditions are! The range indicators and trigger dates require my attention. I plan to write a plan that includes trigger dates and goals for the ranch.
Attendee, Writing Ranch & Drought Plans
All of the ranch presenters were really informative. It really helped to watch them in action on their respective ranches. It is good to hear the big name ‘experts’ talk, but this was probably more useful…seeing them in action and getting the perspectives of producer practitioners who don’t have anything to sell.
Participant, Olsburg Low-Stress Farm Tour
Excellent speaker, as always… I appreciate the continued programming offering the most respected speakers who are also the most knowledgeable folks in the field to come present. Continue doing these workshops!
Attendee, Gerrish Grazing Workshop

Who Are We?

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Amazing Grazing is a collaboration of the Kansas Farmers Union and the Kansas Graziers Association.

Funding for this project was provided by the North Central Extention Risk Management Education Center and the USDA National Institute of Food and Agriculture under Award Number 2012-49200-20032.

Project partners include:

  • Kansas Alliance for Wetlands & Streams
  • Kansas Grazing Lands Coalition
  • National Resources Conservation Service
  • Kansas State Research and Extension
  • Farm Credit Associations of Kansas
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Amazing Grazing II Events

  • Sally Brandon, co-owner of the Shepherd’s Mill, guides workshop attendees through the process of inspecting and preparing a fleece for processing at the mill.

Diversifying Farms Through Animal Fiber Niche Marketing

By Tom Parker The booming popularity of goats, alpacas, sheep and other non-traditional species for livestock production has created new markets and avenues of revenue for producers willing to learn how to integrate and innovate into more diversified operations. One lesser-known but potentially lucrative niche market associated with non-traditional animals is the fiber market, where the wool is processed into [...]

  • Amazing Grazing logo
  • Dr. Fred Provenza

2015 KGA Winter Grazing Conference: Dr. Fred Provenza on How Palates Link Soil, Plants, Herbivores, and People

Dr. Frederick D. Provenza will be the featured speaker at the annual Kansas Graziers Association winter conference on Saturday, January 31, 2015 from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. at the Ambassador Hotel in Salina. Dr. Provenza, Professor Emeritus, Department of Wildland Resources, Utah State University will present How Palates Link Soil, Plants, Herbivores, and People: Ways to Enable or Inhibit [...]

  • Goat and Sheep: Grazing, Marketing and Value-Added

Animal Fiber Production Opportunities to Diversify Small Farms

Saturday May 30 from 10:00a.m.- 4:30 p.m. at the Phillips County Annex Meeting Room, 784 6th Street, Phillipsburg, KS RSVP Online Now Sally Brandon, Shepherd’s Mill, and Rachael Boyle, K-State Research and Extension Livestock Agent, will guide you through the world of animal fiber production, from determining which animals are right for you and your farm to selecting a mill [...]

  • Amazing Grazing Cattle Events Header

Meat Processing and Marketing for Optimal Sales Workshop

Offered in conjunction with the Women Managing the Farm conference. February 4 from 3:00-6:00 p.m. at Pottorf Hall, Riley County Fairground, Cico Park, Manhattan, KS. Register for this free workshop HERE Do you direct market your farm's meats to consumers, restaurants or grocers? Thinking about including livestock on your farm? This free 3-hour workshop will help you to develop strong [...]

  • Dr. Fred Provenza

2015 KGA Winter Grazing Conference features Grazing Behavior Specialist Dr. Fred Provenza

January 31 from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. at the Salina Ambassador Hotel (formerly the Ramada) 1616 W Crawford St. Salina, KS. REGISTER HERE Dr. Frederick D. Provenza will be the featured speaker at the annual Kansas Graziers Association winter conference on Saturday, January 31, 2015 from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. at the Ambassador Hotel in Salina. Dr. Provenza, [...]

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The Amazing Grazing II project brought more than twelve educational opportunities to Kansas cattle, goat and sheep producers between August 2014 and May 2015.

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Amazing Grazing I Events

  • Bud Box in action.
  • Bud Box cardboard model explained.

Low Stress Handling: It Should Be Easy

McPHERSON – Four experienced ranchers shared their beautiful ranches and livestock with 76 ranchers gathered together to learn low stress handling techniques on May 3, 2014 near Olsburg, KS. Each place had unique facilities created with ease of working livestock as the first priority. Participating ranchers were Bill Edwards, Alan Hubbard, Joseph Hubbard, and Bob Avery, with three facilities for cattle [...]

  • Participants in the Low-Stress Livestock Handling for Cattle workshop.

Low-Stress Livestock Handling Workshop Attracts Large and Diverse Crowd

On Saturday, April 12th, KFU and the Kansas Graziers hosted a low-stress livestock handling workshop led by Dr. Lynn Locatelli in Salina. Dr. Locatelli, a livestock handling specialist, gave a deep, thoughtful presentation to a full-house eager to learn more about low stress livestock handling. Dr. Locatelli was a veterinarian in western Nebraska for 14 years. During that time she [...]

  • Amazing Grazing Project banner

Olsburg Ranch Tour to Highlight Low Stress Livestock Handling

Three Olsburg, KS ranches will highlight working facilities that utilize low stress methods to quietly and effectively process cattle, sheep and goats on May 3, 2014. The tour will begin with registration at 9:30 AM at the Edwards Ranch, 15225 Dry Creek Road, 2.4 miles west of Olsburg and 2.9 south on Dry Creek Road. The working facility designed by [...]

  • Amazing Grazing Project banner

Low Stress Cattle Handling Workshop rescheduled for April 12 in Salina, Low Stress Ranch Tour set for May 3 at Olsburg

The Salina workshop and Olsburg Ranch tour complete the grand finale of the Amazing Grazing Series of Educational Events. The rescheduled workshop will be offered April 12, 2014 at the Ramada Hotel & Conference Center, 1616 W. Crawford St. in Salina, KS. On May 3, two Olsburg ranches will highlight working facilities that utilize low stress methods to quietly and [...]

  • Amazing Grazing Project banner

2014 Annual Winter Grazing Conference – “Grazing and Soil Health”

SALINA, KS – This year marks the 15th anniversary of the Kansas Graziers Association (KGA) along with the 2014 Annual Winter Grazing Conference. “Grazing and Soil Health” is the focus of this year’s winter conference, including a component on “The Value of Cover Crops.” This workshop, part of the Amazing Grazing Series of Educational Events, will be offered January 25, [...]

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Participants Say . . .

The pressure and release strategies for livestock movement taught in today’s workshop with Dr. Locatelli should be applied in the sale barn and feedlot where I work. We need to change how we move the cattle and ride pens. There is too much noise and too many people that results in increased stress to the cattle.
The concept that the cows should NOT make the business decisions resonated with me. Now I need to tie this together with some grazing strategies.
Nice demonstration of the Bud Box and sorting and handling techniques. I appreciated the discussion of Alan’s ranch philosophy and strategies, especially his emphasis on staying flexible and not always doing things like they have always been done. The slow easy handling style was fun to watch.
We have primarily used cover crops for grain crops…we will now try using them to provide fall and summer grazing. We recognize that we really need to set goals for our operation, make plans on paper, use them and keep good records of what happened.
I better understand the relationship of plant growth and the impact grazing has on re-growth. It takes grass to grow grass . . . don’t be afraid to leave some grass when you move the cows.
Great conference! So much good information packed into one day . . . Ideas that I can take home and use!