2020 Policy Delegates

Delegates to the 2019 State Convention adopted seven Special Orders of Business during policy debate. The orders address a wide range of concerns, from healthcare and mental health services to the rural economy and beginning farmer support.

Special orders include:

  • On the rural economy, members connect grain surpluses from over-production and high crop yields to historically new low levels of the parity ratio and call for a program of supply management and implementation of a publicly-funded farmer owned reserve.
  • In support of a Statewide Agriculture Counseling and Assistance Program, members believe the unprecedented, all-time low commodity prices have created undue stress on individuals, families, communities, and the economy and urge immediate action by the Kansas Legislature to enact legislation creating a program similar to the highly successful Farmers Assistance Counseling and Training Services (FACTS) program of the 1980s.
  • To promote fair competition for Kansas cattle producers, members urge our Kansas congressional representatives to vigorously lead in passage of Senate Bill 2744 (U.S. Beef Integrity Act) and to add Country of Origin Labeling (COOL) to the United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement (USMCA).
  • Expansion of Medicaid in Kansas: “Any further delay in implementing Medicaid expansion in Kansas only contributes to the accelerated economic decay of the rural healthcare infrastructure of the state.”
  • On healthcare, members support the establishment of a nationwide single-payer system. The high costs and rapidly increasing premium rates for good health insurance prices many families out of the market, leaving them with no, or poor quality, health insurance. This undermines the economic resilience and viability of existing farms and small businesses and creates a major barrier for the entrance of new farmers and small businesses

2020 KFU Policy Statement Available Online . . .