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Kansas Farmers Union: 2019 News Releases

Below are the news releases distributed in 2019. Click on any headline to read the complete release, download the PDF and get links to supporting materials.

January 2019

American healthcare getting more expensive, less effective

By Tom Parker When Walter Cronkite spoke, America listened. His unbiased reporting on events from Vietnam, President Kennedy’s assassination and Watergate earned him the title of “the most trusted man in America.” Cronkite’s words carried weight, and though he strictly adhered to the standards of objective journalism, he still managed to make his opinions known. For instance, his [...]

Climate Changes: NFU president assesses the uncertain farm economy

The 2018 Farm Bill was signed into law on December 20, 2018. Read NFU President Roger Johnson's statement on the passage here. By Tom Parker The National Farmers Union, while admittedly leaning left of center on the political spectrum, has always been staunchly nonpartisan on issues facing America’s farmers and ranchers, NFU President Roger Johnson told assembled members [...]