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Covering the latest in events and hot button issues, KFU’s releases are distributed to the media, partners, and other key stakeholders. Online news release posts are efficiently designed to provide the media with complete information and resources on the issue or event…

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Most Recent News Releases

  • Andi Dale quote
  • 2017 KFU Convention logo

Bridges between Generations

By Tom Parker When Andi Blair first laid eyes on Comanche County in southwestern Kansas, it was nothing like she had expected. She was heading to Protection to take up a four-year teaching job, but instead of dust devils and tumbleweeds listlessly sauntering under a merciless August sky, the land was green and verdant and freckled with late-season wildflowers. [...]

  • Senator Nancy Kassebaum Baker quote one
  • 2017 KFU Convention logo

AMERICA AT THE INTERSECTION OF HOPE AND DOUBT: A politician’s perspective on the 1980s farm crisis

By Tom Parker In February of 1979, thousands of disgruntled farmers flooded the streets of Washington D.C. with an estimated 900 tractors and hundreds of support vehicles. The uniquely American protest was organized by the American Agriculture Movement, whose members felt that government and industry leaders were out of touch with the needs of farmers, and that crop [...]

  • Jason Schmidt
  • 2017 KFU Convention logo

Reflections on the Evolution of a Beginning Farmer

By Tom Parker When Jason Schmidt returned to his family farm to take over from his parents, he was experienced in sustainable and regenerative agricultural systems from South Africa to Colorado, New Mexico and Kansas, and filled with an unwavering optimism that the knowledge and ideas he espoused would transform their conventional dairy operation to an economically and ecologically [...]

  • 2017 KFU Convention logo

BRIDGES: Making connections in a changing world

By Tom Parker Sarah Green wanted to discuss semantics. And bridges.As a member of the planning committee for the 2017 Kansas Farmers Union convention, she was instrumental in combining a diverse assortment of speakers, discussions and forums ranging from policy, personal narrative, history and art into a thematic whole, minus the thematic. “Your convention planning team is philosophically opposed [...]

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