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Farm Aid COVID-19 Farmer Resilience Initiative
Missouri Farmer Grant Guidelines

These guidelines apply to farms in Missouri.
All grant funds for farmers in Kansas have been awarded.
For emergency relief in other states, visit: Farm Aid’s Farmer Resilience Initiative

How Much Money is Awarded?

Successful applicants will receive a one-time $500 emergency relief payment.

What Can the Award be Used For?

Awards are intended as emergency relief for farmers and their families. Use of the funds is restricted to household expenses, such as groceries, home utilities, medical bills, counseling, or other household expenses not directly related to the commercial operation of the farm or ranch. The funds may not be used for any business expense or investment. The IRS guidelines regarding direct assistance to farm families prevent Farm Aid from granting funds to support the farm and its business costs. Your acceptance of this Relief Fund award signifies your understanding and agreement to these use requirements.

Who Can Apply?

Family farmers who have been affected by the COVID-19 crisis and have suffered hardship as a result are eligible to apply. Funds are reserved for farms that have the highest need, as well as smaller farms that may not have the data needed to apply for USDA or other federal programs.

Family farms are defined as those where a substantial portion of family income comes from agricultural production and the family is actively engaged in day-to-day farm management and labor. Rural residences that obtain a small portion of income from agricultural products are not eligible. Only one grant is allowed per family/farm operation.

How Do I Apply?

Applications will be accepted through July 5 for the second round of funding. Checks will be issued to approved applicants within 5 business days of the review meeting. If funds remain, a third application period will be opened.

Applications can be submitted online, by phone, or by mail.

We encourage you to submit your application as quickly as possible, using the online form if possible, to ensure funds are still available.


Kansas Farmers Union and Missouri Farmers Union will only use this information for processing applications and the required reporting to Farm Aid. We will not share this information with any other individuals or organizations unless required by law.

Need Help?

Contact Donn Teske at 785-770-0336 or by email with questions or for assistance with the application.