Farm Aid Grant

COVID-19 Relief Funding Available for Kansas and Missouri Family Farmers Fund supports small family farms falling through the cracks of COVID-19 MCPHERSON, KANSAS (June 3) – Family farmers in Kansas and Missouri can now access much-needed relief from the economic impacts of COVID-19. Farm Aid has partnered with the Kansas Farmers Union Foundation [...]

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April 2020

As I write this report we are in the middle of a world turned upside-down. The COVID-19 virus is just beginning to build up steam here in Kansas and deaths are happening as a result of the virus. We here in Kansas are now in a state-wide lockdown starting today.  I [...]

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Farmers Union History with Tom Giessel, NFU Honorary Amateur Historian “THE FLU PUT THE BAN ON UNION MEETINGS” At first glance, one might suspect the title of this article to be a directive by Kansas Farmers Union president Donn Teske, or National Farmers Union president Rob Larew of a [...]

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2020 Kansas Farmers Union Policy

DOWNLOAD the 2020 Kansas Farmers Union Policy PDF Adopted by Kansas Farmers Union Delegates to the KFU State Convention on December 5, 2019 2020 Special Orders of Business All special orders have to be renewed annually as long as the delegates wish them in place. Otherwise they automatically expire. Support for Single-Payer Health Care The [...]

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KFU’s Beginning Farmer Institute Grads

Congrats to National Farmers Union Beginning Farmer Institute graduates Miriam Goertzen-Regier and Ryan Goertzen-Regier! Miriam is a fifth-generation Kansas farmer, raising wheat, grain sorghum, and soybeans in a no-till system that incorporates cover crops and grazing. She also works on her parents' farm outside of Newton and as a cheesemaker for Grazing Plains Farm. [...]

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NFU farm stress train-the-trainer graduates!

NFU hosted a train-the-trainer convening prior to its Annual Convention in Savannah, Georgia. During the train-the-trainer convening, representatives from each Farmers Union state/regional division became certified to lead farm stress discussions in our respective states. Kansas Farmers Union is proud to have two of its members complete the training: Keisha McClish Couts and Sarah [...]

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Member Monday: Maggie and Adam Pounds

Congratulations to Maggie and Adam Pounds of South Hutchinson! They were awarded the 2019 Innovative Conservation in Agriculture Award from the Reno County Conservation District! Maggie and Adam, owners of Simple Abundance Farm, are first generation farmers and Hutchinson natives and new members of Kansas Farmers Union. Adam and Maggie cultivate fresh nutritious, and [...]

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Chew on this

Did you appreciate Dr. Bonnie Lynn-Sherow's perspective during the Progressive Farm Program session at last month's convention? Then head over and listen to Bonnie on the Something to Chew On podcast from @kansasstateuniversity Global Food Systems... Agricultural history in the U.S. Southern Great Plains. One story on “who wins.” with Dr. Bonnie Lynn-Sherow: Listen [...]

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