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Animal Fiber Production Opportunities to Diversify Small Farms
Animal Fiber Opportunities
Sally Brandon, Shepherd’s Mill, and Rachael Boyle, K-State Research and Extension Livestock Agent, will guide you through the world of animal fiber production, from determining which animals are right for you and your farm to selecting a mill and marketing your fiber.
This free, day-long event will offer the following class topics:
~ Fiber Arts for the Non-Artist: What are end-users seeking?
~ Not all Fiber is Created Equal: Opportunities and challenges of different fiber types
~ Choosing and Working with a Fiber Mill: Asking the right questions.
~ Where’s the Value in Value Added: Is this value stream for you?
~ Managing a Menagerie: Selecting animals that compliment your operation
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We work to protect & enhance the economic interests & quality of life for family farmers, ranchers & our rural communities.
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NFU Urges Congress to Vote Against COOL Repeal Bill

National Farmers Union (NFU) President Roger Johnson today urged members of Congress to vote against recent legislation passed in the House Agriculture Committee that would repeal portions of Country-of-Origin Labeling (COOL), citing possible food safety issues, the bill’s overreach, and […]

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NFU Applauds Swift Senate Action on Grain Standards Reauthorization Act

National Farmers Union (NFU) President Roger Johnson today applauded the Senate Agriculture Committee leadership for its work on the swift reauthorization of the U.S. Grain Standards Act (USGSA).

“On behalf of National Farmers Union’s 200,000 members, I applaud your […]

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NFU Kicks Off Special Spring Fly-In Focusing on Popular Country-of-Origin Labeling Law

National Farmers Union (NFU) kicked off a special Spring Fly-In of family farmers and ranchers from across the country meeting with their elected officials in Washington and underscoring their unwavering support for Country-of-Origin Labeling (COOL) and the need for Congress […]

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NFU Calls COOL Repeal Bill “Premature, Reactionary”

Reminds Congress Threats of Retaliation Only Relevant if Parties Fail to Find Agreement on Moving Forward
National Farmers Union (NFU) President Roger Johnson called the House bill to repeal the popular Country-of-Origin Labeling (COOL), “premature and reactionary,” noting that there remains […]

Complete 2015 National Farmers Union Convention News

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NFU Concludes 113th Anniversary Convention

National Farmers Union (NFU) concluded its 113th Anniversary Convention today in Wichita, Kansas. The four-day event drew more than 480 family farmers, ranchers and fishermen from across the country and featured a number of high-profile speakers, workshops and grassroots policymaking.

“Our […]

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EPA Administrator McCarthy Tells NFU EPA Is on the “Hot Seat” over WOTUS, RFS; Thanks NFU for Constructive Feedback During Rule Making Process

U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Administrator Gina McCarthy promised the agency would soon come out with a final Waters of the Unites States (WOTUS) rule and committed to movement on the Renewable Fuel Standard (RFS) as well.

“I really wish we […]

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Secretary Vilsack Announces $97 Million to Expand Access to Support Farmers Markets, Farm to School Efforts and Rural Economies while Expanding Risk Management Tools for Specialty Crops, Limited-Resource Farmers; Says Congress Needs to Leave the RFS Alone

U.S. Secretary of Agriculture Tom Vilsack today announced $97 million in programs to support the continued development of farmers markets, farm to school efforts and rural economies and will also expand risk management tools for specialty crops and limited-resource farmers.

“Increasing […]

  • NFU2015_Pederson

NFU Bestows Highest Honor to Two at 113th Anniversary Convention

National Farmers Union (NFU) honored Robert Carlson and Clay Pederson with the award for Meritorious Service to Farmers Union and American Agriculture during its 113th Anniversary Convention this week.

“Both of these men embody much of the best of what American […]

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NFU Foundation Hosts “Evening For Education;” Event Helps Fund Education and Outreach for Foundation

National Farmers Union Foundation (NFUF) held its sixth annual “Evening for Education” gala today during National Farmers Union 113th Anniversary Convention in Wichita, Kansas.

“NFUF is the educational wing of our organization, and the planning and support for the education opportunities […]

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Maureen McCollum Honored with Award for Excellence in Agricultural Communications

National Farmers Union (NFU) today awarded Maureen McCollum of Wisconsin Public Radio with the Milton D. Hakel Award for Excellence in Agricultural Communications during its 113th Anniversary Convention.

“NFU greatly appreciates the role Maureen McCollum has played in covering stories important […]

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NFU Recognizes Members, States, Divisions for Excellence

National Farmers Union (NFU) today recognized members, county and local organizations, and state divisions for excellence in membership recruitment and outreach in the past year during its 113th Anniversary Convention.

“Peer recruitment is an essential part of growing and maintaining NFU’s […]

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NFU 113th Anniversary Convention Kicks Off in Kansas

National Farmers Union (NFU) kicked off its 113th Anniversary Convention today in Wichita, Kansas. More than 470 members from across the country are gathered for the annual event, which goes on through March 17.

“NFU is one of the few organizations […]

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