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Look & Learn Pasture Walk Series: 5 locations across Kansas in June and July

Look & Learn Pasture Walk Series
A typical Kansas pasture on a typical Kansas farm or ranch is a highly complex, species-rich ecosystem that can either be beneficial or detrimental to the producer. Differentiating between the two can be tricky, often involving experimentation as much as experience. Knowing what to look for in a pasture, healthy or otherwise, and being able to better manage that pasture is the focus of five upcoming pasture walks scattered strategically around the state. Amazing Grazing will host the walks in June and July under the facilitation of Dr. Dale Kirkham, retired range management specialist, the USDA’s Natural Resources Conservation Service, and local NRCS range specialists.

The informal nature of the discussions taking place among experts as well as other producers, will help you get different viewpoints on everything from soil health to managing livestock, and learn different management practices that might help you overcome problems particular to your own area.
There is no charge for these walks, but registration is encouraged.
Learn more and RSVP!

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Diversifying Farms Through Animal Fiber Niche Marketing

By Tom Parker
The booming popularity of goats, alpacas, sheep and other non-traditional species for livestock production has created new markets and avenues of revenue for producers willing to learn how to integrate and innovate into more diversified operations. One lesser-known […]

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Pasture walks help producers take stock of ecosystems

By Tom Parker
A typical Kansas pasture on a typical Kansas farm or ranch is a highly complex, species-rich ecosystem that can either be beneficial or detrimental to the producer. Differentiating between the two can be tricky, often involving experimentation as […]

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Rethinking trees in Kansas agriculture

By Tom Parker
In the history of Kansas agriculture, trees have something of a checkered past. From initial legislative efforts to expand tree cultivation through the payment of generous bounties to today’s wholesale eradication of windbreaks and hedgerows, the importance, and […]

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Animal Fiber Production Opportunities to Diversify Small Farms Workshop, May 30th

MCPHERSON, KANSAS (May 8) The Fiber Production Opportunities Workshop that was postponed from February has been rescheduled to Saturday, May 30, 2015 in Phillipsburg, Kansas. Registration will start at 9:30 a.m. in the Phillips County Annex, 784 6th Street, Phillipsburg, […]

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NFU: House Appropriations Ag Subcommittee Cuts to Farm Bill Energy Programs are Short-Sighted

WASHINGTON (June 19, 2015) – National Farmers Union (NFU) President Roger Johnson today called the House Agriculture Appropriations Subcommittee cuts to mandatory spending for farm bill energy programs in its FY2016 appropriations bill, “short-sighted,” and reminded lawmakers of the importance […]

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NFU Board of Directors Resolution Objects to Potential Monsanto-Syngenta Merger

WASHINGTON (June 18, 2015) – National Farmers Union (NFU) today released a resolution passed by its Board of Directors opposing the potential merger between agricultural giants, Monsanto and Syngenta. The merger, if achieved, would combine the world’s number one seed […]

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NFU Calls TPA Passage Major Setback for America’s Workers, Family Farmers and Ranchers and Future Prosperity

WASHINGTON (June 18, 2015) – National Farmers Union (NFU) President Roger Johnson said today’s vote to pass Trade Promotion Authority (TPA) in the U.S. House of Representatives was a major setback for America’s workers, family farmers and ranchers and this […]

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NFU Urges Congress to Vote Against COOL Repeal Bill

National Farmers Union (NFU) President Roger Johnson today urged members of Congress to vote against recent legislation passed in the House Agriculture Committee that would repeal portions of Country-of-Origin Labeling (COOL), citing possible food safety issues, the bill’s overreach, and […]

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